For over 35 years, serving the EMC
community with quality Electromagnetic
Interference (EMI) and Radio-Frequency
Interference (RFI) shielding products.


AS9100 .
ISO 9001:2008


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Spira Manufacturing Corporation (Spira mfg corp) provides excellent quality EMI shielding, RFI shielding, and EMI gaskets to the EMC community. Our EMI shielding gaskets provide radio-frequency interference, electromagnetic interference protection, environmental sealing, and electromagnetic compatibility. Spira was founded by George Kunkel (George Kunkle) and our products include our patented spiral EMI gasket for emi shielding solutions (emishielding), environmental gaskets, conductive gaskets, shielded air vent honeycomb filters, silicone seal o-rings (orings), connector seal gaskets, diecut gaskets, framed gaskets and other custom products. Applications include: VME VXI enclosures and panels, EMC Testing, shielding effectiveness testing, TEMPEST, MIL, RoHS, and IEEE EMC applications. Our environmental and EMI shielding products are comparable and exceed performance by wire mesh and fingerstock gaskets. Spira is ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100 registered.